What are the benefits of Freshfusion juices blends vs. the jucies from other companies?
Freshfusion stands for fusion of vegetable and fruit juices formulated with right combination of nutrients that are a refreshingly healthy and appetizing solution to nourish, detoxify and help you glow with good health • 100% ALL NATURAL: Our juices do not contain added flavors, added colors, artificial sweeteners or preservatives. • SUPERIOR NUTRITION: Our unique pasteurization method gives better bio-accessability of anti-oxidants, vitamins and other nutrients. • QUALITY AND TASTE: Our juices are safer unlike the cold pressed juice which may contain harmful bacteria and more nutritious with minimal oxidation unlike the flash pasteurization used by other manufacturers that may degrade various enzymes and vitamins.
How do I store the juice blend?
Freshfusion juice blends may be safely stored unopened under normal cupboard conditions indefinitely. We do recommend that for optimal flavor, our juices be consumed within 6 months from manufacturing date. Once opened, it should be refrigerated and consumed within two weeks.
Fiber is good for health and do these juice blends contain fiber?
Yes. Both soluble and insoluble fiber is important for regulating and cleaning out our digestive tract. Freshfusion juice blends are rich in soluble fiber, which is the fiber that your body uses to slow digestion and helps remove bad cholesterol from your body. Slowing of digestion helps facilitate proper absorption of nutrients and maintain stable sugar levels.
What are the juice blends currently available and their associated health benefits?
We have introduced five all-natural and delicious juice blends: Summer Fresh: For Detoxification and Added Immunity A blend of succulent muskmelon and grape juice for a unique refreshing flavor to beat the heat. Versatile V11 – For Detoxification and Improved Vitality This sumptuous health drink is a combination of various vegetable juices like tomato, carrot, capsicum, beetroot etc. with no added water. It can be consumed either as a soup or a juice, or can be used as vegetable stock GREEN DETOX – For Weight Loss and Rejuvenation This green health drink is a combination of yellow cucumber, bottle gourd and bitter gourd juices with no addition of water. CARROT TANGO – For Improved Vision and Increased Immunity This amazing health drink contains pure carrot and orange juice with no added water. AMRIT - For Detoxification, Weight Loss, Treatment of Diabetes and Anaemia This remarkable health drink is a blend of beetroot and jamun juice. Please consult the ingredient list and the nutrition facts panel on each bottle for even more information.
Are Freshfusion juice blends low in calorie content?
Each 100 ml juices of summer fresh and carrot tango contains just 60 calories. All the remaining juices contain less than 30 calories. This is less than half of many other 100% juice brands.
How many servings of vegetables are in V11 juice blend?
We make V11 juice without a single drop of water! 100 ml of V11 provides the equivalent of 1½ cups of vegetables. This equals 3 daily servings. The average daily consumption of vegetables is 2 ½ cups (5 servings) for a 2,000-calorie diet. V11 is a delicious way to add more vegetables to your diet with low sodium content!
Where are Freshfusion juice blends manufactured?

Freshfusion Juices  Pvt. Ltd. houses a modern manufacturing facility centrally located to serve customers all over India. You can locate us here. Freshfusion juice blends are our only products, so we hope you like it as much as we do!

Is Freshfusion really unique and innovative?
Using our eco-friendly & cutting-edge food processing technology, we manufacture unique juice blends that offer unmatched dietetic quality while retaining natural flavour, nutrition, purity and health benefits. We ensure and adhere to high standards of food safety and quality right from sourcing of the best variety of raw fruits and vegetables, storing, processing, blending and packaging.
Do you use concentrates or pulps for manufacturing of these juice blends?
We do not use concentrates or pulps in any of our juice blends.
Why is Citric Acid (E330) added to the juice blends?
Citric Acid is a natural ingredient – a powder derived from citrus fruit. We add a tiny amount to help preserve the great taste of juice. It also makes juice taste a bit crisper and more.
Can I give the juice to my child?
Yes! Our juice is definitely healthy to add to children's diets.
How much juice should I drink?
This always depends on your personal preference and health goals. In order to experience the full benefits of our products, we recommend incorporating atleast one of our juice blend in your daily diet.
Which one of your juices is good for customers who have diabetes?
All our juice blends are safe for consumption by diabetic patients as they contain no added sugar. In particular, we recommend Amrit and Green-detox which contain jamun and bitter gourd respectively which are well known for their anti-diabetic properties.
What if I have more questions?
We love hearing from our customers. Please e-mail us at info@freshfusionjuices.com